RayBanz ft. Shoua Kue (Single)

by The Stereo Boyz

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Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkFhe287Yu4

Stereo Boyz - RayBanz
ft Shoua Kue, Cuts by Dj Los, Produced by Nick Speed

"RayBanz" is the first single off the Stereo Boyz' upcoming album "Carz, Clubz & Theaterz" (to be released early 2013). The song showcases Shoua Kue on the hook, the first female vocalist of the Stereo Boyz Crew, as well as cuts from Detroits legendary Dj Los and production by Nick Speed (Libido Sounds, G-Unit).


released August 21, 2012

Artwork by Wanja Lange

"RayBanz" Produced by Nick Speed / Cuts By: DJ Los
Performed By: Mixo, Mic Audio, & Shoua Kue
Written by:
Lawrence "Mixo" Wright & Michael "Mic Audio" Crenshaw

"Buggin' Out (Beetle Juiced)" Produced by A-Bomb
Performed By: Mixo, Mic Audio, & Kid Boombox
written by:
Lawrence "Mixo" Wright, Michael "Mic Audio" Crenshaw, & Londarius "Kid Boombox" Wright

All songs recorded at Stuntastik Studios by Mixo aka Applauze Beetz

All songs Mixed & Mastered By Kevin Holevar at Underground Productions



all rights reserved


The Stereo Boyz Detroit

The Stereo Boyz consist of members Mixo (aka Applauze Beetz), Huey Boombox (aka Kid Boombox), and Mic Audio (aka Perfect Hell). Before becoming the super group Stereo Boyz they were a part of the “Rhyme Asylum” (1999 – 2008), a group that claimed a reputation of being one of Detroit’s most hardcore underground rap groups. ... more

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Track Name: RayBanz ft. Shoua Kue
Hook:(Mixo/Shoua Kue)
Chilling with my Raybanz on
Ice Chilling

1st Verse: (Mixo)
Yea the summer feeling baked
Fire hydrant On spray
Donk Watching
Jay get yo' kids out the way
Everybody feel great
lightest skin to the darkest colored face
Lil' Momma across the way
Watch me lay down the icing as I French vanilla cake
We We
She wants me
Lawn Chair comfy
Legs kicked up you see I brought back the pump sneaks
Want these
Tough teat
Racing to the corner like they practice for a track meet
Natural born athletes
Cop will make it instinct
They don’t know it yet
Over where the poets sit
Heated conversation about economy & government, you know its fixed
We can only help our selves
Watch the team blow &
Make the dreams sail
Off the Flow
Got a Boat
Granny got the mail
A check need to cash it
& I got one as well
Sun rays, beaming
Where’s my shield

Hook: (Mixo/Shoua Kue)
Chilling with my Raybanz on
Just Chilling

2nd Verse: (Mic Audio)

I watched heads nod slow with those Yamakas/
young Donald Trump,
ship gold and wrote comicbooks/
And fuck ya blue bird, crows follow us/
cause tomorrows not promised said the outer luck/
So broke we had to bottle hunt/
now role model son, from Chicago turn volume up/
We heard ya P-Funk wasn't loud enough/
Our weed sour punch, yellow as a cowards bluff/
My Ray Banz tint Presidental Black/
Yeah same color picked for his limo glass/
Since we gained Europe
our tour took a middle path/
the crossroad goat was a little lamb/
Which makes me a prophet, Saint Hip-Hop leaked gossip/
Next as your Ipod collage guest/
Dark shades at the Arcade contest/
meant kids give praise to underdog champs/damn!

Hook: (Mixo/Shoua Kue)
With my Raybanz on
Just Chilling

Bridge: (Shoua Kue)
Stop playing like it ain’t that much to do
Like chilling with the peeps ain’t cool
No more

(Shoua Kue)
Chilling with my Raybanz on ice chilling
Chilling with my Raybanz on ice chilling

Bridge/Vibe Out: 2x
(Shoua Kue)
Stop playing like it ain’t that much to do
Like chilling with the peeps ain’t cool
No more

Chilling with my Raybanz on
Ice Chilling